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   Domestic Abuse & Battery

Las Vegas Domestic Violence Lawyer- You Cannot Afford to Be Convicted of Domestic Violence

Aggressive, Experienced Defense Attorney for Clients Facing Domestic Battery Charges in Nevada

Following certain high-profile cases in the 1990's (Hello, O.J.) state legislatures across America came to realize that they could be held civilly liable if police fail to arrest a person accused of committing an act of domestic violence. Laws were changed to mandate arrest if police are able to determine the primary physical aggressor. Further, the laws were changed to reflect a growing intolerance of any unconsented physical contact between family members or domestic partners. Today, law enforcement agencies follow the rule of thumb to arrest first, and ask questions later.

In Las Vegas, where alcohol is given away freely, gambling losses can lead to arguments, and people run on little to no sleep while visiting, it is not uncommon for incidents between partners to occur. It is also not uncommon to be arrested and charged with domestic violence. But there are many defenses available to domestic violence charges.

Experienced Nevada Domestic Violence Attorney

Criminal defense Attorney Michael Gowdey has had hundreds of domestic violence charges dismissed against clients, and his expert defense is exactly what you need when confronted with such charges. Domestic violence is the one misdemeanor conviction that will result in the loss of civil liberties. Specifically, in Nevada and many other states, if you are convicted of domestic violence, you may no longer own a firearm. It also looks terrible on job applications and when your criminal record is run. No one wants to be known as a wife beater. You cannot afford no to fight domestic violence charges. Mr. Gowdey will apply his 23 years experience handling hundreds of domestic violence cases to help you fight the charges, and fight any protective orders issued against you.

In Nevada, we have specialty courts set up to handle domestic violence cases. For some prosecuctors, domestic violence cases are all they handle. You need to fight fire with fire. Michael Gowdey has the skills and experience to level the playing field against you. We have proven strategies to keep you from losing your rights, your freedom and even access to your own home. We know the steps to take to defend against such charges, and to minimize the potential damage.

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Know your rights and your options. Contact our law firm today online or call 702-471-0321 to work with an experienced domestic abuse attorney who will aggressively fight to protect your rights. We offer free initial consultations at our Las Vegas law firm.

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