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   Drug Crimes

Las Vegas Drug Charges Attorney

At the Law Offices of Michael I. Gowdey, Ltd., we are committed to defending clients across Nevada facing felony and misdemeanor drug charges. Our firm's criminal defense attorney — Michael I. Gowdey — represents people from all walks of life, including tourists accused of minor possession and conspirators accused of running organized drug manufacturing and trafficking operations.

Our approach is — if your case can be defended, then we will defend it.

Criminal defense attorney Michael I. Gowdey offers an aggressive approach to all criminal defense cases. He presses the prosecution on every point. The burden of proof is on them, and we hold them to that standard. Attorney Gowdey gathers evidence, interviews witnesses, seeks expert testimony, aggressively cross-examines, reviews police procedures and constantly aims for the best resolution possible.

When you select our law firm, you can feel confident that we will deliver a strong defense strategy. Contact our law firm today to schedule a free initial consultation with a highly skilled Las Vegas drug charges defense lawyer.

Strong — Aggressive — Experienced

Attorney Michael I. Gowdey has been defending clients accused of a wide range of crimes for more than 23 years. He has built a strong record of success. When you consider the possible consequences of a drug charge conviction, no case is too small to fight.

We have the experience and the tenacity to represent clients in state and federal drug crimes cases, such as:

  • Possession of marijuana, Ecstasy, meth, heroin and cocaine
  • Possession with intent to sell
  • Manufacturing illegal substances
  • Trafficking illegal narcotics
  • Federal drug crimes

Many drug crimes carry mandatory minimum sentences that can land people in jail for 20 or more years. While we can't promise results, we can tell you that we will do what we can to get the most appropriate results in your case. Even if we aren't able to get a dismissal or acquittal — which is always our first goal — we can also seek to reduce the charges against you or seek probation.

The key is that you are involved at every step. The decisions we make are based on what you want, not what we want and not what the prosecution wants. When you put our office to work for you, you are taking control over your case and your future.

Contact Our Firm's Drug Crimes Lawyer

Contact our law firm online or call 702-471-0321 to schedule a free initial consultation or jail visit. We are ready to help you aggressively fight for your rights and your freedom.

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From our office in Las Vegas, we serve Nevada clients in Henderson, Reno, Laughlin, Boulder City, North Las Vegas, Pahrump and all communities in Clark County.
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