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The Best Defense Is...
Most criminal defense attorneys spend a lot of time on the defensive. It may seem natural, but it gives the advantage to the prosecution. Too many law offices fail to proactively fight the charges against clients. When you consider that the burden of proof is on the other side and that every client is innocent until proven guilty, you would assume that most defense lawyers would spend more time throwing punches than blocking them.

That's our approach at the Law Offices of Michael I. Gowdey. Serving clients throughout Nevada, our goal is to put your rights and the law to work in your defense. We will put every legal option and strategy on the table, but we start with the single goal of beating your case.

... A Strong Offense
When our office was founded 23 years ago, we had two distinct philosophies about how we would approach cases:
  • For Our Clients We provide a legal practice that revolves around serving you. You work directly with your lawyer, and we keep you involved and informed at every stage of your case. Like the law itself, we presume innocence for every client that walks through the door, and our goal is to help him or her get back to living life.
  • For the Prosecution We take the fight to them. We use out ability to gather and evaluate evidence, and our aggressive style to expose and exploit the weaknesses of the case against you. We aren't afraid to fight for you in the courtroom, and we won't be intimidated by the other side. We know your case is too important to you for us to back down.
Mr. Gowdey has the resources, the experience and the attitude to handle a wide range of criminal law cases, including drug crimes, fraud, domestic violence and federal charges.

We Fight For You
From DUI and drug charges to burglary and white collar crimes, we will fight aggressively to protect your rights and your freedom. Take advantage of a free initial consultation to discuss the charges being brought against you, and how we can help you fight them.

Call us today at 702-471-0321 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

Briefly Tell Us About Your Case:

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From our office in Las Vegas, we serve Nevada clients in Henderson, Reno, Laughlin, Boulder City, North Las Vegas, Pahrump and all communities in Clark County.
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