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   Sex Crimes

Las Vegas Sex Offense Defense Lawyer

A Nevada Sex Crimes Attorney That Doesn't Back Down

Many criminal defense attorneys refuse to handle sex crimes cases. They offer a lot of reasons for this, but ask yourself — Why would someone choose not to give individuals accused of sex crimes the same rights and treatment as everyone else? Is it because:

  • The case is too hard and the penalties too severe?
  • It makes them uncomfortable?
  • Other people might judge them?
  • They don't believe in their clients?

Is that the kind of lawyer you want to work with?

At the Las Vegas Law Offices of Michael I. Gowdey, we don't think people accused of certain crimes should have the right to aggressive defense, but others should not. That's not our approach to the law or the legal profession. When you walk in our office, you are treated like every other client — with respect.

Expert, Strong Criminal Defense for Every Kind of Case, including Sex Crimes Cases

The need for strong, aggressive, experienced and reliable criminal defense in sex crimes cases can not be overstated. The penalties for convictions of these crimes can lead to years or a lifetime spent in prison, and prosecutors tend to be vigorous in pursuing a hard-line strategy aimed at appearing tough on crime.

Michael Gowdey brings more than 23 years of criminal law experience, handling state and federal cases and using an aggressive attitude that pushes back against the prosecution rather than staying on the defensive. Contact Michael Gowdey for representation in matters of:

  • Lewdness With A Minor Under 14
  • Attempt Lewdness With a Minor Under 14
  • Pandering
  • Living Off the Earnings of A Prostitute
  • Rape
  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual assault on a minor
  • Pornography charges
  • Owning or distributing child pornography
  • Soliciting prostitution
  • Massage code violations

We will work with you, evaluate your situation, examine the evidence, review the case against you, have experts retest evidence and offer expert testimony and interview witnesses, all with the goal of strongly defending you. These cases often come down to one person's word against the other, and we have a proven ability to uncover inconsistencies in testimony and find the motives that may lead a person to make an accusation.

An Attorney That Will Defend You

We have experience handling sex crimes cases, including representation for people in some of the most high profile cases in Nevada. We remember where others might forget that the burden of proof lies not with the defense, but with the prosecution. We hold them to that standard, and we fight to protect your rights.

Las Vegas may be Sin City, but the Las Vegas police arrest and the prosecutors prosecute if they find out about the sins. We handle solicitation cases and massage code violations, and have a very successful track record of winning those cases. If you get caught getting your freak on, or encouraging others to do the same, call us. We can definitely help you.

Contact our Las Vegas Sex Crimes Law Firm today online or by phone at 702-471-0321 to find out how our strong, experienced and aggressive representation can go to work for your sex crimes charge.

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