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Facing a criminal charge can feel extremely stressful and overwhelming to you and your family. In this time of uncertainty, you need aNevada Crimianl Defense Attorney formidable criminal defense attorney with the experience, skills, and resources to mount an aggressive legal defense on your behalf.

For the best chance at beating the charges against you and getting your life back on track, look no further than Michael Gowdey. Mr. Gowdey has spent two decades fighting for the rights of the accused in state and federal courts throughout Nevada and Southern California.

Right now, law enforcement officials and the State Attorney’s Office are gathering evidence with the sole intention of convicting you. If you don’t have a legal advocate on your side to level out the playing field, you will be at a serious disadvantage. By reaching out to us early in the process — either during an active investigation or after you have been arrested, you increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

Attorney For Criminal Defense

Mr. Gowdey can take swift and decisive action to preserve evidence, track down witnesses and reach out to the prosecutor in an early attempt to get the charges against you dismissed or reduced.

We hold to the legal principle that it is the state’s burden to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and we will challenge their case every step of the way with the goal of clearing your name. In each case we take on, we conduct a thorough investigation and exhaust all possible defenses. We scrutinize police reports, examine surveillance footage, interview witnesses and more. Our number one priority is always aimed at obtaining a dismissal or reduction of charges whenever possible.

Whether you are facing a first time DUI, a violent felony offense such as murder or rape, or a federal white collar crime, you are innocent until proven guilty and entitled to a strong defense. Call today 702-471-0321 or 702-471-6684 to schedule a free initial case evaluation.




  • 29 years of experience and thousands of criminal cases under his belt
  • Proven track record of success including acquittals in numerous high-profile misdemeanor and felony jury trials
  • Multi-award winning attorney consistently recognized by his peers in the legal profession
    • "Top Lawyers and Law Firms in Vegas", "Top 20 DUI Lawyers in Nevada", "Trial Lawyer of the Year", "Top 100 Trial Lawyers in America", "Top 50 Criminal Defense Lawyers in Nevada", and "100 Most Influential People in Las Vegas



Since 1993, the Law Office of Michael I. Gowdey has successfully defended against a broad range of crimes, including:

Casino Markers & Bad Checks If you signed for a line of credit or “casino marker” at a Las Vegas casino and cannot afford to repay the debt, a warrant can be issued for your arrest for “writing a bad check.” If the bad check or marker were for more than $250, you would be prosecuted for a felony. The good news is, when you seek immediate representation, Mr. Gowdey can attempt to negotiate with the D.A. and casino to lessen the charges and penalties or propose a payment plan you can financially manage.

Domestic Abuse & Battery Battery domestic violence in Nevada involves violence or abuse between family members, spouses or ex-spouses, or people who live together. These are emotion-driven cases that can result in restraining orders, marital counseling, anger management, and jail. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your case, we may be able to argue that the incident was an accident; you were acting in self-defense; the allegations are false or exaggerated, or the alleged victim’s injury was self-inflicted.

Drug Crimes Were you arrested for possession, selling, trafficking or manufacturing an illegal substance? Drug crimes in Nevada have varying degrees of penalties depending on the type and quantity of drugs involved. If a dismissal of charges cannot be obtained, Mr. Gowdey may pursue an alternative to incarceration such as participation in a Nevada drug court, which may include a drug rehabilitation program.

Drunk Driving Drunk driving is a serious offense in Nevada that can result in the loss of your driver’s license, jail time, and significant fines. Whether this is your first arrest for DUI or you are a repeat defender, Mr. Gowdey can take immediate steps to protect your rights including scheduling a hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicles to contest the suspension of your license.

Also, he will conduct a separate criminal investigation aimed at determining if the arresting officer had probable cause to pull you over and whether the proper procedures were followed when administering the field sobriety tests and breath test.

Juvenile Crimes If your son or daughter has been arrested for a crime, you are most likely a nervous wreck. At the Law Offices of Michael I. Gowdey, our goal is to keep your son or daughter out of detention and in your care so that he or she is unburdened by a criminal record.

Theft Crimes Theft offenses can be either charged as a misdemeanor or a felony crime depending on the circumstances surrounding your case and the value of the property that was deprived or stolen. Penalties can be enhanced if a weapon was used or if force or the threat of force was used against the victims.

Sex Crimes Sex crimes are aggressively prosecuted in Nevada, and a guilty verdict can mean incarceration and lifetime registration as a sex offender. Attorney Gowdey is known for successfully taking on some of the most high-profile sex cases in the state of Nevada.

Weapon Charges & Violent Crimes Crimes involving violence carry harsh penalties in the state of Nevada. When a weapon is used in the commission of a crime, the punishment is enhanced. With your freedom and future on the line, Mr. Gowdey will pursue every available defense strategy which may include the argument that you acted in self-defense or the defense of others, you were in lawful possession of a firearm, or you were wrongly identified as the perpetrator.

White Collar Crimes White collar crime refers to a broad category of nonviolent criminal offenses involving deception or fraud to achieve financial gain. These cases are often characterized by lengthy investigations involving various government and regulatory agencies like the IRS, FBI, or SEC. A conviction for a white-collar crime can lead to years spent in state or federal prison and significant restitution paid to the victim. It can also severely derail your career and destroy your reputation.

The Law Offices of Michael I. Gowdey has extensive experience representing business executives, public officials, boards of directors, and other professionals charged with a wide variety of white-collar crimes, including fraud, money laundering, embezzlement, larceny, forgery, identity theft, and more.


  • jail time or prison sentence
  • substantial fines
  • damaged reputation
  • revocation or suspension of driver’s license
  • loss of professional license/s
  • sex offender registration
  • immigration consequences
  • child custody ramifications
  • criminal record


  • Bond hearings
  • Arraignments
  • Grand juries
  • Plea bargains
  • Discoveries
  • Jury selections
  • Appeals

If you’re in need of experienced and reliable criminal defense, contact our office now.