Child Support & Custody Attorney In Las Vegas

Do you have questions about an existing child custody or child support order? Or are you concerned with what factors the courts use toLas Vegas, Child Support Lawyer, Michael Gowdey determine the right order for your family? If so, you're not alone. Both parents in a case like this will have numerous questions regarding their legal rights and responsibilities and these questions should be answered by someone familiar with the law, like your Nevada child support and custody lawyer.

One of the most crucial issues decided over the course of your divorce in Nevada has to do with your children. Whether it is the amount of financial support awarded by the courts from one parent to another in the form of child support or the parenting agreements that will determine the time that you spend with your kids, you will have major questions and concerns that should be addressed by an experienced Nevada family lawyer.

Best Interest Of The Child

The court responsible for the divorce proceedings is most likely the court that will also be responsible for determining custody arrangements. While Nevada is guided by the best interests of the child, the typical presumption in child custody and child support cases surrounds the idea that continuing and frequent contact with both parents is recommended. However, judges do have discretion. There are two major types of custody in Nevada as in other states; physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody may be joint, or one individual can be awarded primary custody.

Joint Custody in Las Vegas

In a joint custody situation, the parents will have nearly equal parenting time. The court will aim for a decision that is the best interests of the child such as evaluating the level of conflict between the parents, the physical health of the parents and the nature of the child’s personal relationship with each parent. As it relates to child support, both parents have a responsibility to financially support their children. Child support is typically considered a portion of the gross monthly income earned by a parent. The purpose of child support payments is to assist with shelter, food, clothing and other necessities for minor children.

Important Child Support And Custody Factors

Several different factors are considered in the determination of child support such as the income of each parent in a joint custody situation and the total number of children overall. As a parent who may be eligible to receive child support or as the parent will be making payments, you will have questions about how to preserve your rights and what to do in the event that your circumstances change significantly and this prompts you to want to file a modification.

Get The Help You  Need

All of these situations are serious and worthy of talking over with an experienced Nevada family law attorney. Your children are important to you and protecting them as well as your ability to spend time with them is a key issue for most people going through the process of divorce in Nevada. You need an attorney who will be your advocate and stay by your side for the duration of the case. Contact our office today.