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Nevada Family Law Practice

We Aggressively Fight For Your Family

All family law issues are very personal and can become litigious at any time. This means it will be tough for the parties involved to resolve their differences, even with good communication and consultation. However, one of the most emotionally charged family law issues is divorce. It can also have important implications for your future and for your family.

If you are a couple going through a divorce or have concerns about child custody and child support, it is important that you find an attorney who is not only skilled at handling such matters but who will guide you through the process with compassion and understanding.

An Attorney With Integrity

Your lawyer should be truthful with you and give you an honest assessment of your options, your case, and what you can expect in the future. Experienced family law attorneys can provide the one-on-one support you need to achieve success. You need an attorney who is intimately familiar with the area of family law to which your case is related. It’s always best to choose someone with years of experience in that field. A lawyer can tell you more about how your case is likely to unfold in the family law system in Nevada but can also give you other opportunities to resolve things.

Resolving Family Law Issues In Nevada

It may be possible to resolve family law issues outside of court and keep the conflict to a minimum. This is often in the best interests of not just you, but also any involved children, reducing stress on you and your family.

In some situations, you may be able to resolve family law issues outside of court and keep the conflict to a minimum. This is often in the best interests of not just you but also any involved children. However, there are certain circumstances when family law issues in Nevada must be escalated to the point of litigation or other legal claims. If this happens to you, you should consult an experienced and concerned Nevada family law attorney who will fully protect your rights in court. With so many important questions to answer and so many important things to consider, you cannot afford to wait.

We Help with Family Legal Matters

Every case is unique, and we don’t take the “one size fits all” approach you might find at other law firms. We take a personalized approach to your case, which means that no matter the family law issue, we can help.

DivorceNo matter if it’s a messy or clean divorce, it is rarely easy and never cuts-and-dry. Often, a couple filing for divorce can feel overwhelmed by the legal process while trying to balance everyday responsibilities such as family and work. With the right legal representation, however, we believe that you can achieve a fast and easy divorce.

Child Custody One of the more contentious issues that arise during a divorce is determining child custody. Unfortunately, the two parents must make this decision together, and it can often create unnecessary conflict and drama.

Custody battles aren’t always easy, and they require the legal counsel of a child custody lawyer, in order to be your advocate in difficult circumstances. It’s important to hire a good attorney because it will improve your chances of getting the outcomes you want when dealing with a custody case.

AlimonyUnlike child support, alimony is not calculated by a formula. Instead, it is a subjective decision by the court after a review of both parties’ financial situations. The court will look at a number of factors to determine the amount of support that the party seeking maintenance should receive.

But as alimony is such a fact-specific issue, having the advice of an experienced family law attorney is crucial.

Relocating with ChildrenThe hardest-fought battles are those fought over where children live when a divorced or separated parent is fighting to win custody, or has to fight for joint legal and physical custody. This is the one type of case in which the relationship between the child and the parent left behind usually suffers. Therefore, an understanding of the laws surrounding relocation cases is incredibly important.

Paternity – If parents are not married at the time of birth, paternity must be established before a court can make a custody award. If the parents do not acknowledge the father’s status, he can petition for an order establishing his paternity. Once established, the father has all of the rights and privileges afforded any other parent.

The best thing a parent can do for their child is to establish paternity. Not only does it secure the child the right to support and parental rights, but it also gives both parents equal rights and obligations as parents. The law used to give the mother a legal advantage, but now both parents have the same responsibility to raise their children.

Child Support – The best interest of the children is always to be of the highest priority. When parents of minor children get divorced or when unmarried parents separate, getting an order for child support is very important to ensure that children are supported. Having a skillful and experienced family law attorney is critical for this purpose.

AdoptionsAdoption cases are the most rewarding type of case a family lawyer can take. It is a time of great joy and satisfaction for the child and his parents. Even though it may be a controversial topic, it’s also an important and complex area of concern.

Whether you’re trying to adopt or considering adoption, it’s important that you find a lawyer or adoption attorney who understands both the legal and practical side of adoption.

Asset Divisions – Divorce can become an economic disaster for families. But it need not be a sentence to poverty if the division is done right. Especially if the parties have started a business or acquired substantial assets.

Nevada law requires an equitable division of the marital assets and debts. When dividing marital property, it is, for the most part, a straightforward process. If there is not a lot of value in what the parties have acquired, then the distribution will typically come down to deciding which party is going to take what and be done. A fight over the items may cost more than they are worth.

In high-value estates, we often have complex financial portfolios, businesses, and property to appraise before a full understanding of the value can be had. With the help of some of the most highly regarded experts, our team will investigate the market value of these assets, identify their true worth, and divide the estate among the heirs to ensure everyone walks away with a fair share of its value.

Prenuptial Agreements – In all too many marriages, people underestimate the value of a prenuptial agreement. People think marriage is forever. It’s often seen as an ideal or dream that most people will never have to live through. But, for those who are in the middle of their marriages, they know it can end. This is the most important short-change of all. A good prenuptial agreement gives a spouse what’s most important, while a bad one just takes away everything. Whether you are protecting children from prior marriages or as a matter of good estate planning, a prenup can be more than just deciding how property will be divided if the relationship ends. The attorneys at the Law Office of Michael Gowdey understand how to craft an agreement that protects the interests of our clients.

Experience Is On Your Side

Hiring an attorney who has an extensive background in family law is crucial. Dedicated legal advocates can have a significant benefit for you as well as your loved ones, and any family law issue should prompt you to hire the right attorney immediately. You might think you have the right answer to a family law issue, but it’s possible that the court will see it differently. An experienced family law lawyer can help illustrate your family’s unique situation and help develop a plan for how to protect you and your loved ones in a complex legal issue. Contact us today for a free case analysis.

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