Mounting a Strong Defense Requires Early Intervention

After an arrest, time is of the essence. The sooner you involve Mr. Gowdey in the process — preferably before charges are filed — the greater the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

The pre-file investigation period is when law enforcement and the prosecution review evidence to determine if formal charges should be brought forth. During this time, criminal defense attorney Gowdey can reach out to the prosecutor and attempt to get the charges denied, or he may be able to negotiate a plea bargain aimed at getting your charges reduced or dismissing the case outright. Even if a deal cannot be immediately reached, Mr. Gowdey will have begun to lay the groundwork for an effective defense.

The Law Offices of Michael I. Gowdey defends against a wide range of misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors and felony charges in state and federal courts, including:

    • Casino Markers & Bad Checks

In Nevada, if you sign for a line of credit or “casino marker” at a Las Vegas casino and have insufficient funds to pay the money back, you can be criminally prosecuted for “writing a bad check.” These crimes are aggressively pursued by the Bad Check Unit of the District Attorney’s Office. In most cases, the D.A. will tack on an additional 10% to the debt you owe.

If you have received a certified letter from the D.A. stating that you have ten days to repay your debt, it’s critical to contact Attorney Michael Gowdey to discuss your options. Gowdey can intervene and either mount a defense to the charges, negotiate with the D.A. and/or casino to lessen the charges and penalties or propose a payment plan you can financially manage.

    • Domestic Abuse & Battery

Domestic violence laws in Nevada apply not only to couples but also to parents, siblings, roommates, domestic partners, and children. An accusation of domestic violence is serious and can result in jail time, restraining orders, and anger management classes. These cases are often based on “he said/she said”. Therefore, it can be difficult for the prosecutor to prove that violence took place beyond a reasonable doubt. Depending on your unique circumstances, we may be able to provide evidence of self-defense, lawful resistance, or lack of intent. If the alleged victim is helpful, we can often get charges dismissed or a “not guilty” verdict at trial.

    • Drug Crimes

In Nevada, it is a crime to possess, manufacture, or distribute any amount of illegal narcotics or prescription drugs. These crimes can be prosecuted either as felonies or misdemeanors. Attorney Gowdey always aims to get drug charges dismissed. However, in certain circumstances, he may negotiate alternative sentencing options like a diversionary drug treatment program.

    • Drunk Driving

Under Nevada law, if a breath, blood, or urine test shows you have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 or above, you will be arrested and charged with drinking under the influence (DUI). A DUI can lead to serious penalties, including thousands of dollars in fines, incarceration, driver’s license revocation, probation, and more.

The best way to beat a DUI charge is to hire a skilled, experienced criminal defense attorney. Michael Gowdey has helped countless Nevada, and California residents avoid jail and preserve their driving privileges. His intimate knowledge of the science behind chemical testing enables him to effectively challenge the validity of BAC results.

With marijuana legal in the State of Nevada since 2018, there has been a corresponding rise in DUI cases involving THC. Mr. Gowdey has studied the science behind the effects of THC, and is best able to defend DUI Marijuana charges.

    • Juvenile Crimes

If your son or daughter is accused of a juvenile crime, don’t take chances with an inexperienced attorney. Michael Gowdey has a 29-year history of successful criminal defense and is prepared to vigorously defend your child. His aim is to keep him/her out of detention, remain in your care, and prevent a criminal record that could affect his or her future.

    • Theft Crimes

Theft encompasses a wide range of criminal offenses including shoplifting, robbery, burglary, grand larceny, carjacking, identity theft and more. Depending on the value of the items stolen, a theft crime can be categorized as a misdemeanor or felony.

    • Sex Crimes

If you are accused of a sexual offense, don’t let embarrassment or shame prevent you from getting the legal help you need. The consequences of a sex crime conviction are incredibly serious. You may not only face incarceration but lifetime registration as a sex offender. Attorney Gowdey is known for successfully taking on some of the most high-profile sex cases in the state of Nevada. Here are some of the allegations he can defend against:

        • Lewdness or attempted lewdness with a minor under 14
        • Pandering
        • Living off the earnings of a prostitute
        • Soliciting prostitution
        • Rape
        • Sexual assault/Sexual assault on a minor
        • Pornography charges (owning or distributing child pornography)
        • Message code violations
    • Weapon Charges & Violent Crimes

If you face charges for committing a crime involving violence, your freedom and future could be on the line. These are serious allegations that require a vigorous defense from a veteran criminal defense attorney. If a weapon was used in the commission of a violent crime, you would face enhanced penalties.

Attorney Michael Gowdey will exhaust every possible defense strategy to clear your name and keep you out of prison. Depending on the circumstances of your case, he may be able to argue that you acted in self-defense or in defense of others, you were in lawful possession of a firearm, or it’s a case of mistaken identity.

The following are some of the weapon charges and violent crimes, Mr. Gowdey has successfully defended against:

        • Assault
        • Battery
        • Battery With Use of Deadly Weapon
        • Ex-Felon in Possession
        • Unregistered Firearm
        • Attempt Murder, Murder
        • Robbery
        • Robbery With Use of Deadly Weapon
        • Manslaughter
        • Discharging Firearms Into Structure
        • Brandishing a Weapon
    • White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes are serious offenses designed to produce financial gain through some form of deception. If you face charges for a white collar crime, your career and reputation are on the line. Most white collar crime is investigated and prosecuted by federal authorities who have endless resource capabilities to pursue a conviction. Therefore, you need a criminal defense attorney on your side to level the playing field.

Attorney Michael Gowdey has represented individuals from all different professional backgrounds and is committed to protecting your assets, reputation, and livelihood. White collar crimes he has defended against includes but is not limited to:

        • Fraud
        • Embezzlement
        • Larceny
        • Misrepresentation
        • Forgery
        • Identity theft
        • Credit card fraud
        • Money Laundering
        • Wire Fraud
        • Bank Fraud
        • Tax Evasion
        • Aggravated Identity Theft


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