Whether you are a resident, or someone in the midst of a fun weekend gone wrong, being arrested in Vegas is an unnerving experience. Trying to handle it on your own because you are embarrassed or confused is a huge mistake, whereas, consulting directly with an experienced Las Vegas criminal defense attorney can help you avoid consequences and get you out of jail sooner rather than later. Making a minor mistake could end up costing you later on in your defense, so it’s better to remain calm even in the midst of a nerve-wracking situation. When the police suspect that you’ve broken the law, you still retain rights that cannot be violated by the police. If your rights are violated, your lawyer may use this in your defense.

Thousands of people are unfortunately arrested every single year in Las Vegas, including tourists and residents. Felonies with strict penalties should always encourage you to contact a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney but even a minor misdemeanor is a situation that warrants insight from an attorney. The right lawyer can help you avoid the maximum punishments. Being arrested can be a frightening experience and there are a number of different types of penalties that may apply based on the offense you are charged with. Misdemeanor penalties, as an example, can lead to up to 6 months in jail and a fine of up to $1000. Gross misdemeanors, however, are elevated situations that can include a jail sentence of up to a year in jail or a fine as high as $2000.

The more strict the penalty, the more important it is that you have an attorney who has protected others. Solicitation, DUI, and casino markers and fraud are all a common example of crimes charged in Las Vegas. But regardless of the charges you are currently facing, it is in your best interest to have an attorney who will work as hard as possible on your behalf. Knowing that someone is stepping in immediately to protect your interests and help you to avoid further consequences is crucial. The right lawyer is a major asset to you.