As a resident of Las Vegas or as somebody visiting as a tourist, you need to know about some of the things you should do to avoid getting arrested in a Vegas casino. Sometimes people assume that because the motto of the area is “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” that they can engage in whatever types of behavior or activities that they want. This is a misconception that could lead you to face being arrested.

There are several different things to keep in mind, whether you’re making a trip out there or showing some friends visiting you a good time. This includes:

  •       Don’t get overwhelmingly drunk. Becoming intoxicated may not be illegal in Vegas but disturbing others is.
  •       Stay away from illegal drugs. You should never try to sell, use, buy, or possess illegal drugs because this is a class E felony in the state of Nevada.
  •       Don’t try to cheat. Counting cards is illegal even if you’re only using your intelligence and your winnings can be confiscated.
  •       Video recorders and cameras may be forbidden in casinos because they may be used to help people cheat. Make sure that you comply with any casino rules.
  •       Messenger apps may not be used in any of the casinos. There are rules in place that prevent cheating and reduce the risk of fraudulent activity.

Avoid underage drinking or gambling. It is against the law to gamble or drink if you are under the legal age to do so and casino workers have been trained how to spot fake IDs and may request that you leave immediately if you are found out. It is also illegal for any adult to allow a minor to stand by and watch on the casino floor. Minors are not allowed to collect any money or to win casino games.

  •       Ensure that you always have your photo ID. In order to verify your own identity, make sure that you carry your ID card with you at all times. Failing to produce a valid driver’s license, passport or ID card could lead to you being removed from the facility. You need to ensure that you have this with you especially in the event that you do get arrested because this could help to verify your identity and decrease the chances of a situation escalating too quickly.

Talking with a criminal defense attorney is strongly recommended if you find yourself in this situation of trying to figure out the next steps you need to take to protect yourself. A criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas will be familiar with many of the tactics engaged in by the prosecution or the casinos when it comes to arresting someone.