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What You Should Know About Motorcycle Accidents in Las Vegas

Posted on : December 4, 2017
las vegas motorcycle accident attorney
The beautiful weather and great opportunities to enjoy the outdoors make Las Vegas a popular place to ride your motorcycle. Unfortunately, however, this also means that there’s a higher chance of being hurt in a serious motorcycle accident. If you or someone you know has already been struck while riding your motorcycle because the driver

What to Do If You Are Arrested In Las Vegas

Posted on : November 12, 2017
what to do if arrested in Vegas
Whether you are a resident, or someone in the midst of a fun weekend gone wrong, being arrested in Vegas is an unnerving experience. Trying to handle it on your own because you are embarrassed or confused is a huge mistake, whereas, consulting directly with an experienced Las Vegas criminal defense attorney can help you

What You Should Know About Getting Arrested in a Vegas Casino

Posted on : October 3, 2017
hire a criminal defense lawyer if you're arrested in a Las Vegas casino
As a resident of Las Vegas or as somebody visiting as a tourist, you need to know about some of the things you should do to avoid getting arrested in a Vegas casino. Sometimes people assume that because the motto of the area is “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” that they can engage

What should I do if I am injured in a car accident

Posted on : July 26, 2017
Injured In A Car Accident In Las Vegas? Here’s What You Need To Know! A car accident, or what is most commonly referred to by Law Vegas Law Enforcement as a “Car Collision” can be a harrowing experience. Not only is it possible to suffer life-changing injuries, in the midst of such an incident, but

Facing Impaired Driving Charges?

Posted on : May 26, 2017
Are You Facing Impaired Driving Charges? In Nevada “Driving Under The Influence” implies driving an automobile whilst under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs to the extent that makes the individual unable to operate an automobile safely. It is not required for one to be inebriated to be arrested by the police for or even

Top Rated, Expert Las Vegas Criminal Defense & Personal Injury Law Firm

Posted on : May 26, 2017
Top Rated, Expert Las Vegas Criminal Defense & Personal Injury Law Firm
Nobody ever says, "When the going gets tough, the tough start plea bargaining." Whom would you bet on in a prizefight, the fighter or the negotiator? Make no mistake about it, when you choose your lawyer…

New Bill Proposes To Make It Almost Impossible To Sue Police

Posted on : May 25, 2017
Congress, Police Brutality, Las Vegas
Republicans in Congress seem to think that making it impossible to hold police accountable for misconduct is the remedy for all of the police misconduct videos we have seen over the past few years. I strongly disagree. What police need is better recruiting, training and leadership. Not a free pass to commit misconduct with impunity.

Arizona On DUI Marijuana Issues

Posted on : January 1, 2017
Arizona, Marijuana Laws, Law Vegas DUI Lawyer
With this decision, Arizona courts are light years ahead of Nevada when it comes to laws regarding Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana. Nevada courts hold that a person may be convicted of DUI based solely upon the amount of marijuana metabolite present in his or her system at the time of administration of a